Friday, June 30, 2017

Mariscos Jalisco - Los Angeles, CA

Work wife 2 told me she wanted to try Mexican seafood for lunch and found Mariscos Jalisco. We were going to go to the og outside downtown LA then realized there was a location in downtown. Heck, why waste gas if we didn't have to?

Extra tostadas on the left side or on the counter; hot sauce in the ice

I ordered shrimp tacos which seemed to be the most famous item, and tostada poseidon. If you are new to this location, yelp check in also gets you one free shrimp taco.

The shrimp taco was indeed delicious! The shell was crispy and fried well. The filling inside looked like some kind of shrimp paste instead of full shrimps. It worked well texture wise due to the crispy shell and soft mushy center. The truck got pretty good hot sauces too so make sure to use it before biting into the deliciousness.

Poseidon tostada was basically aquachile and ceviche combined on a tostada. The value was great because I got to try two things in one dish. Their aquachile was spicy and the octopus was tender. I loved everything about it! Ceviche though, it was kind of bland and just not exciting compared to other things we had. There were extra tostadas on the left side of the truck in case more tostadas were needed.

Excellent summer eat!!

Everything was excellent, but it would probably be the best to make the orders to go since sitting under the sun wasn't an ideal experience for me. Work wife 2 said she really enjoyed the campechana cocktail and I must go back again to try!

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