Sunday, June 18, 2017

Junkabok Ramen House - Rowland Heights, CA

I noticed one of my favorite Korean hot pot place closed then reopened as a ramen shop. I was intrigued and dragged slave girl to come and having ramen lunch adventure on a Sunday.

Pretty much the same table set up

Apparently, this was the first Sunday they opened for business since their grand opening. It was chaotic and we had the worst experience ever. To start, there was a huge empty table but they didn't sit anyone there. We waited for about 20 minutes and seated at 1:24. No one came to take our order until 1:42.

Very big empty table in the middle if you ask me

We ordered 2 special with BBQ pork rib and chicken karrage. We were able to pick any ramen that was labeled $9.95 so we chose 3 and 4, black and miso ramen. I also got a pitcher of beer, that came to the table right away.

We didn't get our food until 2:27. I was so pissed because I saw the 2 tables that came in after us already got their food and one actually finished their meal as we were getting our food. We were comped with a seaweed salad and some mixed green salad, but really, I couldn't tell if it was the kitchen or the front of the house that was screwing it up. It was just unorganized.

Seaweed salad

Mixed green salad

The pork rib came first and it was tasty, but it wasn't from out of the world or anything especially after an hour wait...

The fried chicken was very under seasoned and dry. Some pieces were burnt. Not recommended.

Burnt and dry

Both ramen were salty, but some flavor was seriously missing. My biggest issue was the pork. It looked like they were over grilled and tasted dry and chewy. It was the core of my meal and it was just horrible. The noodles somehow was stuck all together. I've only seem that happened once at a Chinese ramen place. I must say, the ramen here made it to my top 3 all time worst.

Miso ramen

Black ramen
At the end of the day, I would like to tell everyone to stay away from this place. The experience happened to us should occur during soft opening, not after grand opening. Let me share more: we found some weird string in our water. I witnessed the waitress so stressed out she just stood behind the counter and looked lost. On top of that, she'd rather clean the table instead of taking our orders while no one was waiting at the door. The manager actually put up the close sign before 2. Some dumb dumb customers came in after the close sign was up, the waitress seated them and they got their food right away because "it wasn't as busy".  I also found out we supposed to get side dishes when order ramen. No sides for us for sure. C'mon...

Stuck noodles

It's like a love story gone wrong

Now, with the horrible experience, the least they could do was to have good food. Sadly, the food was bad too. What happened to my Korean hot pot?! Where is the sous vide pork?! I was in rage.

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