Tuesday, May 2, 2017

White Rabbit Truck - Los Angeles, CA

Say what?! White Rabbit truck was in front of my work! Well since I don't see food trucks often by my work, I must try it.

White Rabbit truck specializes in fusion Filipino food. They have the typical Filipino dishes but instead of serving over rice (which is available), they stuff the food inside a burrito or taco.

I got a combo burrito with pork sisig and lumpia on the side. I also got a chicken adobo taco.

Their lumpia was pretty small but perfectly fried. Bite size made it easy to snack on and added some texture change from the burrito I ordered. As part of the combo, this was the best side dish to order.

The taco was just OK. The chicken seemed a tad too sweet and needed a little bit more vinegar to me. The major issue was the sauce from adobo. My taco was drenched in it and I made a big mess when I was eating it. Slave girl would probably told me that was a personal problem...

As for the burrito, I couldn't say I was a fan. It came with pork sisig, garlic rice, fried egg, and cheese. The pork sisig had good flavor but garlic rice was a total fail. For some strange reason, garlic rice was mushier than steam rice, and because of that, the texture of the burrito bite was semi gross.

The service was pretty friendly and helpful. I am not too sure if the garlic rice was supposed to be that mushy, but I probably wouldn't try again until that is changed.

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