Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Pho Boga - Rosemead, CA

One of the cold nights I was craving for pho and I found this weird pho place in slave girl's hood.

It was weird because it was a combination of pho and Cajun seafood under the same roof. Right when we walked in, there was a tank by the door with dungeons crab inside. When you see live stocks at a seafood restaurant, you know they mean business!

But we were here for pho, so we both ordered number 8, special combination with meatball. In addition, we got a pound of clams and Cajun fries. Oh c'mon, slave girl loves fries.

It took awhile for our pho to come out. Good thing we weren't starving. The pho was pretty average but definitely not bad. I like the fact it came with meatball since I love myself some balls...

Unfortunately we weren't impressed with the clams. It had a lot of sands and the sauce was just ok. The fries was really good and the most enjoyable thing among the things we ordered.

Overall I liked the concept of having pho and Cajun seafood together. I mean, where else could you get pho and fries at the same time? Now you know and I hope you enjoy it too.

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