Tuesday, May 23, 2017

OOtoro Sushi - Walnut, CA

I have been to Ootoro for at least 4 times now and each visit left me with more disappointment. I first heard about Ootoro from my old house mate. We met up after work one night and tried the place out. We enjoyed dinner omakase even though it was pricey and I found a dead ant on one of my plates.

Then I took my family there for omakase again because there really wasn't too much good sushi places in the area at that time. This time there was no ants but the plastic wrap used to stable monk fish liver somehow ended up in my mouth. They apologized and gave me a new monk fish liver. I didn't care for the monk fish liver but it was a nice gesture.

At that point, I was pretty much done with omakase at Ootoro. Over the years, I heard the lunch special chirashi bowl was actually worth the buck and I tried it with slave girl. The fish were chunky, fresh, and delicious. I was thinking, "Oh man, this is it. I should only come here for lunch chirashi, especially with the side and soup, what a great deal!"

Until my last visit. Me and slave girl went again during lunch time for chirashi bowl and we both got loads of tendons in our fish. That didn't happen the last time we had chirashi bowl here so what was changed? I guess we would never know.

The service was excellent on every visits I had to Ootoro. My major issue was the inconsistency of the food. I also believe everything was over priced. For the same quality, I am able to get more food somewhere else with the same amount of cash. Chances of returning after last chirashi bowl was not likely especially there are more sushi spots in the area now.

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