Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Casa La Doña - Los Angeles, CA

Taco Tuesday calls for cheap tacos, but that wasn't how I ended up in Casa La Dona. Originally I was going to go to a nearby cafe for a sandwich, but work wife 1 noticed a line at this place. Woo, there was a line and I wasn't a part of it? Unacceptable. Never mind the sandwich.

While we were waiting in line, we found out there were actually 2 types of lines. Cash only line and "taking forever" credit card/cash line. If you are in a hurry, make sure to bring cash for faster lunch.

On the menu, there were 8 different meats (and potatoes) to pick from. They were beef, chicken, marinated pork, deep fried pork, chorizo potato, baked pork, potatoes in cream sauce, and shredded beef. Fat ass like me had to try everything so I got everything except potato in cream sauce and baked pork. We also got guacamole and chips to share.

Now what really caught my attention was the salsa bar. There were 18 different salsas on display and the flavors rotates too. What really woah me was the peanut salsa. It went extremely well with chicken taco and gave me that Thai chicken vibe.

For the tacos, chicken and pork were kind of dry and I was just not into the pastor here. I would suggest to just get beef (asada) and potatoes. Yes, I said potatoes. It was surprisingly good. Guacamole was excellent for the price.

Guacamole and chips

Shredded beef

Chorizo and potatoes

Fried pork

Marinated pork



Just another taco shot

Potato in cream sauce


Overall it was just a spot for cheap eat. There was really no service and the food was decent enough for me to come back. That salsa bar though, wooo baby~

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