Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Crave Restaurant - Santa Ana, CA

Slave girl and I needed to do something in Santa Ana, we were hungry and remembered this place since we always miss their weekend brunch for some reason. Sure, it wasn't the weekend and there was no brunch, but we still wanted to try anyway.

There was only counter service at Crave but everything we need was easily accessed and could be grabbed at anytime.

Mixed the tea to have your own custom drink

We ordered smoked BBQ pork melt and smoked BBQ pulled pork sandwich. On the side we picked fresh fruit and veggie pasta salad.

When we got the pork melt, I couldn't help myself but dropping my jaw. It was huge! I meant sure, they were charging downtown LA price in Santa Ana, but the portion showed its worthy. The bread was crispy and crunchy. The pork was moist, juicy and tasty, especially with cheese melting on it. The bread got a little soggy half way through but that didn't bother me, very satisfying!

Fruit cup

Pulled pork sandwich was good as well. Instead of the melting cheese, we got BBQ sauce on a roll. The roll was a little hard but it went well with pulled pork.

Of the two sides we got, the veggie pasta salad tasted way better. We also got a cookie before we left, it was yummy. The service was fast and friendly. They even have happy hour with decent beer selections. Santa Ana is lucky to have Crave in the community.

Huge cookie!

Almost a size of slave girl's face!!

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