Sunday, April 2, 2017

Capitol Burgers - Los Angeles, CA

Work bro was raving about the best burger ever on earth and told me about this place. I would never turn down a good burger so I gotta check this place out.

The shack had a decent sized parking lot and limited seats outside. The restaurant was pretty much bared up like a fortress with a hard looking cook inside taking my order. Work bro was telling me this was normal and I was about to get some good hood burger.

I ordered a double cheese burger and chili fries. It did take awhile for the food to come out, but it was made to order so it was understandable.

After I got the food, I noticed the burger patty was pretty thin and not seasoned; however it did came with a lot of veggies. Was this the best burger on earth? Not exactly, but it was hearty for sure.

The star was actually the chili fries. The portion was huge and the chili tasted good. It had a good smoky flavor and I wish I had added cheese to it.

Capital Burgers got the history and a very attractive price range. It's definitely a good lunch spot and I want to go back and try the pastrami and steak sandwich, Until next time.

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