Monday, October 2, 2017

Cajun House - El Monte, CA

Slave girl wrote this one!! Cajun House is a little hard to find due to a bunch of little strip malls around the same area. Google maps actually brought us to the adjacent and slightly scary strip mall. Anyways Cajun House located in the back upstairs. They are in the same lot as the Garcias Fruits place.

Parking is decent, shares a lot with a few other retail stores. The staircase near the restaurant STANKS. So make sure you hold your breath or use the other staircase, which did not have a smell.

Service was FANTASTIC. Our server was helpful and awesome.

We ordered:
Combo B - Medium Spicy with Cajun and Garlic Butter. Combo B had shrimp, crawfish, mussels, and clams with sausage and corn. I'm not sure if I loved the combination, but medium was a bit on the spicier side for me. I think I would go with mild next time. The clams and mussels were cleaned well. I've been to places where there is sand inside and it turns me off.

Garlic Noodles - large portion and definitely garlicky! If you put some of the cajun and garlic butter sauce on top, mmm nom nom nom. I believe for a nominal amount, you can add shrimp or sausage on top of the noodles.

Gumbo - I liked it, but BF thought it was a bit on the watery side. Plentiful on shrimp, okra, and bell peppers and served with a scoop of rice.

Overall, it was decent, and we had a very great lunch. Our waters were constantly filled, and Lynn kept coming by to check up on us - even to see if we wanted French Bread to soak up the cajun + garlic butter sauce ($2 extra).

We used a Groupon for the meal :D

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