Thursday, October 19, 2017

Media Noche Cuban Cuisine - Covina, CA

Slave girl, me, and friends were going to the sriracha factory tour and needed to get some food in our tummy beforehand. We found Media Noche that was 5 minutes away from the factory. Well hack yes.

After we got there, we found out they have all you can eat lunch buffet everyday starting at 11am except Saturday. Since it was a Saturday, I had tears all over my face. Worry none, we plan to go back again soon with my foodie friend Charlie so more pictures will come in no time.

The service we had was excellent. Our server, Emma, was personal, attentive, and very knowledgeable with the menu. She made some suggestions for us and all of them were great! We ordered fiesta cubana to share with the table, and I got lechon asado, slave girl got media noche sandwich. Friends got cubano sandwich and arroz frito cubano.

First, we got some buttery complimentary bread with bean dipping sauce. It was well toasted and delicious. We asked for more and Emma had no problems to fulfill our wishes. We also got guava water and coffee, guava water came in a huge jar and it was refreshing.

Guava water

Next, we got the fiesta cubana. It was a huge plate filled with ham croquettes, yuca frita, beef empanadas, stuffed potato balls, chicharons, fried plantains, plantain chips, and a deep fried thing that I couldn't recall. There were 3 dipping sauces for us to enjoy also; they were mojo, chimichurri, and a garlic thing. Chicharon was by far my favorite but I didn't see it on the menu as a stand alone item. Least favorite was the fried chip thing that I couldn't identify. It was dry and a little chewy, not something I cared for. If you are here with a party, order this for sure. There were so much food.

Plantain chips

Fried plantains

A deep fried thing that I couldn't recall

Ham croquettes

Yuca frita

Chicharons, freaking delicious!

Stuffed potato balls

Beef empanadas

Mojo, chimichurri, and a garlic thing

We decided on doing lunch family style after sharing the "appetizer" and I thought that was the best idea ever. Everything tasted great even though they were on the heavier side. We learned the cubano sandwich and media noche sandwich were pretty much the same except the bread used. Media noche used egg based bread while cubano was more of wheat based. Both were tasty with different textures.

Cubano sandwich

Media Noche sandwich

Cubano fried rice was interesting. It was served on a half pineapple shell and packed with rice, ham, chicken, pork, shrimp, egg, bean sprouts, scallions, and green onions. Because how it was plated, the bottom half of the rice had strong pineapple flavor. I kind of dig that.

Lechon asado was hand pulled slow roasted pork with mojo sauce on top, served with beans, sauce,  yucas and fried plantains. This was my favorite dish of everything we ordered. Pork was tender inside and crispy edge on the outside. I loved the flavor and would definitely order it again.

If you love spicy sauce, also make sure to ask for their house made habanero sauce. It was spicy but it didn't hit you right away. Good stuff.

Overall it was a great experience. Service was excellent and food was fantastic. The portion was huge and they didn't mind us sharing. We will come back again to check out the lunch buffet.

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