Monday, July 31, 2017

Red Chicken - San Gabriel, CA

We saw Red Chicken whenever we had family gathering at the Chinese restaurant in the same parking lot. We always wonder about the taste of the chicken and we finally found time to check it out.

The restaurant was cozy and very mom n pop. The service was very good as we were checked on constantly and our water was never empty.

The menu was filled with chicken dishes and I was actually glad to see the chicken came in steamed, fried, and in curry. I ordered Singapore chicken rice with steamed chicken and slave girl got mussaman curry. We also got fried chicken wings with fried onions.

The rice plate came with a soup and chicken flavored rice. The steamed chicken had a Hainan chicken feel and it was tender, but the sauce was weak. I added a lot of ginger to my chicken but that didn't improve the taste by much. Basically, it was good but bland.

The curry actually won the price for me. It came with pasta and naan on the side. The curry was mild with a trace of sweetness to it. Very delicious and I love the chicken and potato inside the curry. Later on I found out I could have swapped out pasta for rice, I just needed to ask which I highly suggest to do so to eat with the curry.

Chicken was so tender

Our fried chicken wings were perfectly fried. There was nothing more I could ask for except... Where the hell was the onion? I didn't see a single fried onion on the plate!

I am glad we finally got to try Red Chicken. It was definitely different and I wish they have more Singapore dishes to offer other than just the chicken. For now, this will do.

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