Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sushi Go 55 - Los Angeles, CA

Work wife 2 has been craving for sushi, and I have been wanting to go to Sushi Go 55 for their omakase dinner. According to the restaurant, they have been in the sushi business for almost a century. Well, before I fully invested in for my omakase dinner, we decided to come first during lunch time to test the water.

The restaurant was located on the 3rd floor in a shopping center. There was a parking garbage on site and the restaurant would validate it for 2 hours. Since we found street parking, we didn't take advantage of it but our walk to the restaurant was way shorter compared to the garage.

We got there when the restaurant just opened so we were seated right away. As time went by, there was a line when we were leaving so make sure to get there early for lunch.

Complimentary appetizer

When we looked at the menu, we had such a hard time to decide in between mini sashimi lunch or chirashi. The price was close, but at the end we picked 1B, chirashi with uni and squid. Oh I know, why even battle anymore...

The chirashi looked awesome. I've never had a chirashi came in two trays. Top tray had salmon, Spanish mackerel, egg, tuna, shrimp, uni, squid, and white fish (still didn't know what the white fish was). Bottom tray had seaweed, egg, salmon roe, cucumber, mushroom, small fish roe, and rice. Tuna had some tendons but everything in the tray was fresh. If you like uni and squid, chirashi 1B still the best option since the price difference was $7 between 1A and 1B, and it would cost more than $8 for one piece of uni plus squid alone.

Top tray

Bottom tray

Chirashi 1B

After we finished the chirashi, I wanted to end the meal with happy ending so I ordered toro. Toro was fatty and delicious. However I was kind of sad to also see tendons in my toro. The enjoyment of buttery melting sensation pretty much ruined as soon the tendons touched my tongue... I wanna cry.

Well, since that wasn't complete satisfying, I asked our sushi chef Tomo if I had to only get one piece of fish that day, what he would give me. His eyes lighted up, turned around, got the fish, cut it then torched it. It was the golden eye snapper and oh man it was freaking delicious! I was very pleased with that last piece.

So after this lunch, I think I am sold on the omakase. I will come back with slave girl next time.

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