Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hamburger Mary’s - Long Beach, CA

Angry fatty... This review was not about the show. The show was awesome.

This place just got real. A friend of mine told us about Hamburger Mary's brunch show. Slave girl and I were excited when our friend booked a reservation on a Sunday morning.

Parking in the garage structure couple blocks away made life easy. We got there around 10am and there was a long line already. We got in about 10:45am and it was a full house.

The drag show didn't start until 12 so we had time to eat, that is if we ever got to eat. We were seated and sat at our table for more than 10 minutes unattended. I saw people came in after us already getting food and we were just sitting there with no one approaching us. When our server finally came, he explained there was a all you can eat brunch with bottomless mimosa and told us he would be back to see if we wanted to take that option. Bitch we hungry and thirsty, of course we wanted that option, but were we supposed to just get up and get food? I had no idea.

Another long wait later he came back and we told him that was what we wanted and he told us to go ahead and get the food. At this time, still no water or mimosa on the table. We were 40 minutes in without water and food. We know you were busy, but you couldn't be that busy, especially seeing all the tables around us getting served consistently. At one point during our dinning I had to go to the bar for water refill holding 4 cups since the server was no where to be found for a very long time. It was one of the worse services received in my life!

Food wise, it was bunch of meh food on trays that had been sat out. Most of the food items were dry with no taste. It was a huge disappointment. We ordered omelets following the correct instructions; names, table number, etc. We waited for close to two hours without seeing it. Apparently it was sent to other table and they kept it. Why did we even put table numbers on the order form?

At the end we got to take pictures with the queens but it didn't mean I was leaving. The moment I got up, my 2/3 full mimosa got taken away. Seriously, any tips at this point was too much.

The show on the other hand was excellent. Very entertaining and very engaging. The queens were hot as hell. Too bad I won't be coming back to this service hell.

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