Friday, February 17, 2017

Agora Churrascaria - Irvine, CA

*Angry fatty

Friends were doing birthday celebrations and slave girl and I were invited. I have never had Brazilian BBQ in OC before and very excited to check this place out.

Since we got there early, we were sitting at the bar. The bartender was awesome and friendly. She made some killer drinks and we were all happy with the service.

After we were seated, it took awhile before we had anyone showed up to give us meat. I supposed that was why they had a salad bar?  The salad bar items were pretty average without any surprises.

Salad bar stuff

The meat servers finally came and it was very disappointing. There were only 7 selections for the night. The meat was very dry, especially the lamb. I asked for medium rare ones and I got a lot mixing of rare to well done, very inconsistent cutting job. It just wasn't good. The quality of the meat was also questionable. Most of them were very chewy and definitely under seasoned.

Very very dry lamb...

Half of my plate was not edible...

In between each meat guy, there was a pretty big gap to a point I had nothing in my plate and still saw no one over. Water was constantly empty and plates never got changed.

This is what well done looks like

For the price we paid, I truly believe it was overpriced and not worth a return trip. I would highly suggest go elsewhere unless you just want to sit at the bar and talk to the bartender.

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