Monday, December 5, 2016

Tom’s Chinese BBQ - San Diego, CA

Slave girl and I were in San Diego and she told me about this best Chinese BBQ in town. I am always down for some amazing authentic Chinese food, especially in San Diego area. A visit was 100% necessary.

The moment we walked in, I knew it was on because everyone in there spoke Chinese. On top of the roast duck and pork, they also offer fried rice and some dim sum items. The restaurant worked as a take out joint with a lot of foot traffic during the time I was there. They had one table in there but I didn't think it was meant to be used for dinning.

We got bunch of items like the BBQ pork, roast pork, salty chicken, pork ears, tongues, and steamed BBQ buns. I didn't ask them to cut it but they would cut it for you usually without asking.

Roast pork

Salty chicken

Pig ears and tongue

BBQ pork

Steamed BBQ pork bun

Inside the bun, yum.

I talked to the lady behind the counter in Chinese and the owner came out from the back. I told them I was writing a review about their restaurant and they invited me to the back to take some more pictures. All the items were authentically processed and cooked on site. The kitchen was clean and organized.  It was an eye opener for sure because I have never stepped into a commercial Chinese kitchen before and I thought all the items were pre packaged by Tyson then heated up in a microwave like panda express. Very awesome experience.

Ducks being preped

Ducks roasted

Fresh steamed BBQ porn bun just out of oven

Pork and duck. Organized clean kitchen.

After I tried the food at home, it was very hearty and tasted well, just some good quality food. I love those mom and pop shops and wish they continue to operate for a very long time.

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