Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cali Comfort BBQ - Spring Valley, CA

Slave girl and I were visiting San Diego and noticed this BBQ joint 5 minutes walk from our friend's house. We love meat and thought it was an excellent idea to get some BBQ for breakfast.

Since we walked there, I don't really know the parking situation, but I found it odd that the restaurant entrence was actually on the back side of the building away from the road. I thought I was going crazy because I couldn't find a way in from the road side.

After we got in, everyone was very friendly and welcoming. We got the menu and found out we were able to order non-breakfast items and we were pretty excited to hear that. The back of the menu also contained a monthly update and I like how they interacted with their customers and the community.

We ordered pulled pork nachos, slave girl got brisket benedict, and I got BBQ combo plate (I would, I know) with pork ribs and tri tips. I also subbed out the beans with chilies for $1. Oh man, best decision ever.

Nachos came fast and it was huge packed with lots of meat. To be honest, we probably shouldn't have gotten the nachos because we were getting full when the nachos disappeared from the table. Worth it though.

Brisket benedict was a nice touch. I had many benedicts before but never had it with brisket. Brisket was cooked well and it was perfect texture mix with the poached egg.

BBQ combo won so hard. The pork fell off the bones easily and tri tip was juicy with excellent beefy taste. The real winner was the chilies. At cali comfort, they don't serve the chilies with beans, it was actually green with potatoes and pork chunk. Very delicious as a side or main course itself for smaller appetites.

Everything was so good except one minor issue. This was just my personal opinion but I thought the BBQ sauce was too sweet. If it was a bit more acidic, it would have been perfect for me. I am so glad we got to try this place. Yum.

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