Wednesday, December 21, 2016

TBLA Catering & Cafe - Los Angeles, CA

I was in the area around lunch time for work and saw TBLA in the little alley. I checked on yelp and saw 5 out of 5 stars with over 100 reviews? Gtfo. I dragged my co-workers in without knowing what to expect because I simply must try.

The owner greeted us as we walked in, very friendly and helpful. After he learned it was our first time visiting, he made some suggestions for us to try. We looked through the menu and decided on gal bi wrap, banh mi wrap, pesto chicken pasta, cobb salad, and chicken pesto panini.

I was the lame one ordered cobb salad and there was no regrets. Fresh ingredients, good portion, just all around excellent lunch meal.

I sampled everything else and I liked the pesto chicken pasta the most. It was flavorful and chicken was tender. Even though the cheese came in an unusual shape, I would order it for sure for myself in the future.

With the wrap, I love the variety and creativity behind it, but I think it was a little bit too much tortilla or whatever the wrap was made of. If there was more substance inside or using a smaller wrap, it would be a superb item.

Gal bi wrap

Banh mi wrap

The panini was my least favorite because it was just too greasy and felt heavy for lunch.

Side of mac n cheese

Within walking distance, I think I found my go to lunch spot. The owner was awesome, the food was tasty. If you are ordering the side, just go for the onion rings. It was fully cooked and the breading will blow your mind. I will try the ribs next time.

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