Wednesday, December 7, 2016

China Pot King - San Gabriel, CA

Slave girl and I were going to go to another ayce hot pot next door, but we saw the line and decided to give China Pot King a try.

According to them, they are the first one offers 4 layers pot in the area. Slave girl and I peeked other tables and decided it was not really worth it for just 2 people. If you have a big party and people in the party are craving steamed buns or dry pot, it would work better. We went with the $19.99 option since that was all we cared for.

China Pot King had sauce bar and appetizer bar, but the location was totally separated. If you sit on the sauce bar side of the restaurant, most likely you wouldn't even know about the existence of appetizers until you go to the restroom after you are done eating. However, the appetizers were decent and definitely helped before we got our hot pot items.

The hot pot items included everything under meat, seafood, and vegetables. I only tried beef,  lamb, and house special beef on the meat side. House special beef came with a lot of tendons and I wouldn't suggest ordering it. The beef was on the lean side so it was a little chewy. We couldn't really tell the flavor difference in between beef and lamb, so we ended up getting beef only after the first round.

Beef and lamb

House special beef, not worth it

House special pork balls

I was pretty satisfied with the house special pork ball even though I got a meh from slave girl. Order it and let me know what you think of it.

Price for 2

Buy 10 get 1 free stamp card

The service was fast and helpful. Someone was always checking on us and made sure the plates didn't get piled. At one point the manager was at our table side asking for improvement. They also have point card for buy 10 get 1 free. Excellent dinning environment.

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