Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Pho Huynh - Rowland Heights, CA

I noticed a new pho restaurant opened in the plaza and I was thinking to myself, there is a pho place in the plaza already and they opened another one? Either the owner was naive or was really cocky about their pho. Well, I love eating pho so it was natural for me to try this one too!

The restaurant was pretty spacious and service was quick. I ordered their famous dish, pho bac which only comes in large, and slave girl got the beef combo pho. We also ordered iced Vietnamese coffee. I know it was freshly made behind the drink bar, but I still wish to have the drip on the table side.

Both of our bowls arrived steamy hot. I tried the broth and it was very bland and I was not happy at all! The owner probably saw my facial expression and came to our table (see, totally paying attention to the customers) asking us if we wanted oil and onions. I have this bad habit of saying yes first then asking later, so without knowing what this oil was or why it was offered, I got a little container filled with butter looking oil and small bowl of sliced onions.

Beef combo pho

Pho bac

I asked the owner about the oil, and that was when I found out pho huynh scoops out all the beef fat (the oil) as the broth was made to create a  healthier pho, but all the regulars know if they want more flavor, the oil is absolutely necessary. I put two small spoon full of the oil to my broth and you guessed it, my broth elevated instantly. I even tried the oil alone and my lips tasted like beef for days. If you go there, you HAVE TO ask for the oil.

The onion was severed as a side dish and we were told to add soy sauce and sriracha for kicks. It was good especially after all the oil add on. Fast pallet cleanser.

After adding the sauce

I enjoyed the food, my mouth was not dry afterwards, and service was friendly and quick. The owner also told me they only make two pots of broth a day, if they sold out, you will have to come back the next day. On top of their pho, this location offers other non-pho dishes, but, pho is a must have when you dine there.

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