Sunday, December 11, 2016

Bronzed Aussie - Los Angeles, CA

I have been eyeballing this place ever since I came across it on yelp. I have tried Aussie pies at a different place and it was very flavorful and delicious. Finally I found time to ask slave girl to meet me during lunch and check out this restaurant!

Hot sauce and water

Open kitchen

The restaurant was hiding inside an alley. If it wasn't for the sign posted on the main road, I would probably never find it.

The menu was one simple page that contained savory pies and sweet pies. We got the ground beef, roast lamb, sausage roll, and fries.

Sweet stuff

I tried the sausage roll first and woah! it was really really good. Semi flaky on the outside and tender juicy inside, I couldn't wait to try the pies.

The pies came out pretty fast but it didn't live up my expectations. Maybe I just like the seasoning from the other place better? Or maybe it just wasn't that good? I don't know. The ground beef and roast lamb were somewhat bland even though the pie crust were good and buttery. We had to use the hot sauce to add some flavors to the pie and we know Aussies don't usually use Louisiana hot sauce to spice up the flavor in Australia.

Roast lamb

Roast lamb inside

Ground beef

Ground beef inside

The fries took the longest since it was fried to order. I was hoping for fresh potatos but it was from a frozen package. Well, fries were fries, nothing special from this place.

I talked to the owner for a bit. She told me they were doing well and just opened a second location in West Hollywood. I am glad to see a mom and pop shop doing well even though personally I am not a fan of the pies here. If you have never tried Aussie meat pie before and want something quick in downtown LA during lunch time, give this place a try, definitely an experience. Especially the sausage roll, it's a must.

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