Monday, December 12, 2016

1810 Argentinean Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA

I was walking back to work one day from lunch and passed by 1810. After looking at the menu outside I told myself I must come back to try the steaks and empanadas. Couple days later, I came back with work wife to fulfill my promise.

When we walked in, we were greeted with a big warm welcome and quickly seated. We decided on the empanada special for $11, we got 3 picks plus a green salad. I also wanted to get either 8oz flat iron steak or Argentina style beef short ribs, but work wife veto on milanesa napolitana so we went with that option.

The green salad came first, I actually didn't know what dressing was used but it was light and refreshing and I liked it. The complimentary bread came with a killer dipping oil that contained cilantro, parsley, and chilies. It was very delicious and made the warm bread came alive.

For empanadas, we got beef, chicken, and spinach & cheese. The empanadas here were a little different compared to what I am used to. They were a bit more on the saucy side like mini hot pockets to preserve the tenderness of the meat. Work wife hated it because it was not the typical dry ground meat filling empanada, but I loved them all, especially the chicken one. I also liked how they were paired with each other such as, chicken and tomato, spinach and cheese, beef and...something I couldn't identify. All around lovely.



Spinach and cheese

Lastly we got our milanesa napolitano. It was a lightly fried and breaded eye round steak, top with ham, tomato sauce, mozzarella and parmeasn cheese. It wasn't bad tasting but I didn't care for it. To me it was like a glorified country fried chicken. I should have stayed firm and ordered the steaks I wanted. I have to mention however, the mashed potato was oh my god good. Very airy, fluffy, and buttery.

The service was more than excellent. We kept getting checked on and my water was always filled without asking for it. They also have happy hour menu that drops empanada from $3 to $2 a piece. I will definitely come back when I get empanada cravings.

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