Saturday, December 17, 2016

Mr BBQ - Fullerton, CA

Mr. BBQ has been suggested to me by multiple people such as my foodie friend Charlie, but the stories I heard about their wait time always put a stop for me to actually try the place. At last, bunch of our friends decided to come out so we finally got an excuse to go.

The wait time was about 45 minutes on a Saturday night, parking was horrible. In Chinese term, it was "people mountain people sea"! Good news is the little flashing vibrator we got from Mr. BBQ's front desk could be reached at the bar next door so our 45 minutes wasn't painful at all.

Side dishes

After we were seated , we decided to try their PAYCE at $31.99 per person to experience the highest quality food they could provide. Most of our items were beef and seafood. We also tried the sausage and one chicken dish. As usual, chicken took forever to cook but it came out good.

Beef brisket

Beef brisket cooked

Beef short rib



This is strange but I didn't really like their beef tongue... It wasn't bad, but if I didn't care for a second plate, you know something was off. I would highly recommend the scallop, rib eye, and filet mignon. Stay away from salmon though.

Beef tongue
Rib eye

Pork jaw


Filet mignon

The whole night there was like party central due to a birthday song playing every 10 to 20 minutes. I kind of feel bad for the staff because on top of their normal duties, they are obligated to sing and dance for the customers for birthday occasions. I wonder what the job description is like for their positions. The service was really good. Friendly, fast, and helpful.

Free ice cream at the end

Fullerton is lucky to have Mr. BBQ because the food was good and the staff is well trained. It's an excellent place to go for all your gatherings.

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