Monday, December 19, 2016

Yang Ban Sul Lung Tang Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA

One day I was bored at work and looking for somewhere new to eat. I saw this place and thinking to myself, a Korean joint outside of Korean town that's not BCD Tofu? Oh I must go see.

The restaurant wasn't hard to find, but the streets in the area can be scary at night. During lunch hour, I was asked to share table with other single dinners, no big deal since no one talked to each other. At that point, I was super excited because 1. The restaurant was fully packed. 2. They were all Asians, mostly Koreans. Score!

The service was fast and they were ready to take my order the moment a menu was given to me. Errr, not that fast lady. After reading through the menu I decided on gal bi tahng, a soup made with boiled beef rib.

I got kimchi and radish as my side dishes, I also got a pair of scissors and the dipping sauce. I usually know why I got the scissors at Korea BBQ, but I was kind of lost here. Later on I realized it was used to cut the thick beef chunks in my soup. Ok ok, I didn't realize it, I secretly peeked the girl I shared the table with.

Kimchi was pretty good but the radish was the winner. After the soup arrived, I was surprised to see the broth not being milky white. Hmmm, that was new to me, but ohhhhh emmmm geeee, the clear broth was so freaky tasty. The boiled beef rib was tender and the flavor was not lost from boiling. After dipping the meat in the sauce, I don't think I can have boiled beef rib any other ways.

The only confusing part about this restaurant was the pricing system. The price on the menu and the pictured menu posted by the kitchen were not consistent, so I pretty much let them charged me whatever as long it wasn't too far off the listed price. Service was fast and friendly, food was amazing, if it wasn't for the 15 minutes walk from my work each way, I would go daily.

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