Saturday, December 31, 2016

Preux & Proper - Los Angeles, CA

Preux & proper has been on my bucket list for awhile. Salve girl and I finally had a chance to try in the name of our friend's birthday celebration. For sure I was excited because they only open at night and I am usually not in the area after dark.

The restaurant was divided into two floors and serving with two different menus based on which floor you are on. We had reservation upstairs and we couldn't order food from downstairs due to different menus. That was a let down because I really wanted to try their po boys sandwich and gumbo.

The service was friendly and helpful. They had an impressive cocktail menu too. I got barrel aged vieux carre and it was delicious.

Food service was slow at first then everything came out at once. For starter we got sea scallop ceviche, Dungeness crab hushpuppies, and foie gras torchon. Sea scallop wasn't very good, the flavor was decent but it had strong fishy smell with semi slimy texture. Foie gras was done well and strawberry definitely brighten up the flavor of foie gras.

Sea scallop ceviche

Dungeness crab hushpuppies

Foie gras torchon

Now think of it, our table must be a bunch of healthy nuts because we almost ordered the entire "mighty healthy" menu except baby iceberg salad. Personal favorite was okra gumbo, least favorite was braised collards.

Okra gumbo

Marinated cauliflower salad

Derrty skreet corn

Braised collards

Spicy roasted carrots

For the main dishes we got baked macaroni, crispy duck breast, and 36 hour prime boneless beef rib. I would definitely suggest the beef rib. It was so soft, tender, and flavorful. Totally put the other two dishes to shame.

Baked macaroni

Crispy duck breast

36 hour prime boneless beef rib

Since it was a birthday celebration, we were comped with free beignets and slushy cocktail from downstairs. Great experience and excellent for birthdays!

Birthday beignet

Birthday slushy cocktail

Downstairs bar

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