Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Benihana - City Industry, CA

I have heard about Benihana for years but never got a reason to go mainly because there are way too many better Japanese restaurants around. Slave girl signed up with their chef's table club and got $30 off coupon to be used during her birthday month, well, good enough reason I suppose.

Bar area, happy hour time

I got the imperial steak and she got splash n meadow which was hibachi steak with shrimp. We also got chicken fried rice as rice upgrade. The rice was not bad but super over priced. At $4.10 per small bowl, I guess the only way to justify it was the fried rice cooking show performed by the chef himself.

Crying face, lol

Both of our steaks were NY strip steaks and we ordered medium rare. The quality of the steaks were inconsistent. Mine came out as expected, not amazing but still good. Hers were chewy and tougher even though it was cooked to medium rare. Is bigger really better?

Onion as flaming volcano

Appetizer shrimp

Not very good...

Slave girl's prawn, not much different from the shrimp

Salve girl's fail steak

My decent steak

At the end we got birthday ice cream and a birthday song sang to the table. I also noticed a lot of birthdays were sang, I guess this is a popular birthday restaurant.

Birthday ice cream

My no-so-cool-looking ice cream

The chef show was fun to me, but slave girl said the Arcadia location do it better. Would I return? Maybe on my birthday. Not really worth it if you don't have a coupon.

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