Thursday, March 30, 2017

Gatten Sushi - Monterey Park, CA

Slave girl got a Groupon deal and we decided to come for dinner. I actually had no idea what it was so I was pretty shocked to see a revolving belt when I walked in.

Price per plate by color

The wait wasn't long and we sat at the bar. They had happy hour drinks so I ordered a pitcher of sapporo. Be aware, green tea will cost you $1.50 if that's what you want.

Happy hour drink menu

Green tea is NOT free

We picked up some stuff from the belt, ordered some from the chef directly. The boss lady chef with the glasses made some great sushi upon ordering. I would highly recommend to order from her for some fresh sushi if you sat at the bar.

Eel over California roll


Beef tataki

Today's recommendation sashimi

Chutoro (medium fatty tuna)

Tuna roll

Spicy tuna handroll, the best item to get.


Uni, wish they gave more. Fresh and creamy.

Red snapper


Red shrimp

Most of the staff spoke Japanese which was cool. Unfortunately, our server was totally lacking on the service. On one occasion, we asked for green tea refill 3 times. They acknowledged it every time and never returned. Totally not happy with it. Some items were more fishy than the others, but overall food quality was decent.

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