Thursday, April 14, 2016

TEALICIOUS - Diamond Bar, CA

One day while I was at work minding my own business, my co-worker showed up and told me he was buying me lunch. I was like, heck yes! Who says no to free lunch?! Well, later on I found out he wanted me to dog sit for him over the weekend. Lesson learned, there is no free lunch in this world. Tealicious was the choice.

Ordering counter

Tealicious is located the same plaza as Starbucks; the parking could be bad but not impossible. When we went inside, there were no customers, so we thought it was going to be a quick lunch. Oh how we were so wrong... Apparently, this restaurant is famous for lunch take out and during the time we were waiting for our food, I saw many people came in and out nonstop, but no one sat down to eat like us. Sigh.

Popular lunch dishes

We ordered #1 Basil Chicken with Rice, #12 House Special Stew Pork Rice, and an order of popcorn chicken. Maybe it was me, but for $7.25 a dish, the portion looked small to me and our popcorn chicken didn't show up until there were only two bites of rice left. The flavor of the chicken and pork were both on the sweeter side and very average tasting. Popcorn chicken was bland and no salt and pepper could save it. The only good thing was the meal came with a free tea (choice of black, green, or milk tea), but that did not make up for the food at all.

#1 Basil Chicken with Rice

#12 House Special Stew Pork Rice

Popcorn chicken

There was free wifi in the restaurant, but same was Starbucks. The service was almost non-existent due to the busy foot traffic in the restaurant with only one guy being the cashier, server, drink mixer, and bus boy. I seriously didn't understand why there were so many people getting the take out.

Free drink!

Maybe I should be nosy and see what other people order next time, if that ever happens.

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