Monday, April 18, 2016


Birrieria Tlaquepaque had a Groupon deal and it was not a disappointment! Slave girl got one and expiration date was coming up so we finally picked up our lazy bum bum and headed out on a Wednesday night.

Restaurant front

When we arrived the parking lot around 7:30pm, well, not going to lie, we were a little scared because the parking lot and surrounding area looked very ghetto. The thought of not leaving the car and just forfeiting the Groupon came up but our inner cheapness won the final battle.


When we went in, we were warmly greeted. The guy behind the counter was super nice and spent the time explaining the menu for us. Apprantely the restaurant is famous for the goat stew (Birrieria!) and the to go price is higher than dine in due to the container that's being used. They also have burritos and tacos.

All kind of soda

Candies on the counter

Since our Groupon covered up to $20, we ordered a large goat stew, 6 tacos of asada, carnita, and pastor. For our drinks we got horchata to accompany our meal. The goat stew was super well seasoned and the goat meat was perfectly slow cooked. We were also given diced onion, cilantro, lime slices and corn tortillas to eat with the goat. Very delicious.

Goat meat stew

As taco!

Asada and Carnita tacos

Carnita and pastor tacos

At the end of the night, we had good dinner and great chat with the guy behind the counter. We also found out their secret menu item, nachos! Every meat on the menu can be used and the plate is huge! We will come back to try the nachos with goat meat next time!

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