Thursday, April 28, 2016


Cole's front, easy to find at night.
I happened to be in Downtown LA on a Tuesday so I decided to meet up with slave girl to hit up some happy hour when she got off. There were so many choices and we couldn't really decide where to go so we asked our friend Jen to join us and had her to help us to make the happy hour decisions. We ended up in 4 places for the night but only the first place was happy hour. The rest...well, we were still happy so does that count?

Cole's front door

Happy hour menu

Beer list
The first stop was at Cole's. I have never been to Cole's and I was hungry. They had happy hour all day on Tuesdays so it made sense we started from there. For drinks we ordered draft old fashioned and manhattan at $6 each. It was pretty strong and delicious.

Interior, a lot of celebrity photos

Manhattan and draft old fashion

Their mustard is very spicy!
For food we got 2 Half Big Dipper with one pastrami and one beef, also got French Dip Slider Trio with pastrami, beef and turkey. At $6 per order, we did not expect to have too much meat packed inside, but it did come with fries or tots if you asked. We decided to spice it up and got spicy garlic tots. That was the best decision ever. After finished eating everything, I gotta say, I had plenty of pastrami french dips and this was one of the better ones. Pastrami was not overly salty and au jus was tasty but not fatty. Their turkey meat was from real turkey with skin, not the usual deli turkey meat and that was a big plus for me.

Beef half Big Dipper with tots

Pastrami Half Big Dipper with fries

French Dip Slider Trio with all 3 meats

Spicy garlic tots

Did I mention their restroom? You need a coin to get in and it can be obtained from anyone that works there. It's pretty cool and I love it.

Get a coin if you need to pee.
Moving on to the next spot. Jen suggested Perch and as we left Cole's, we saw this bar, Las Perlas, across from the street and none of us had ever been to that place. For being as happy as we were, we decided to check that place out first. Stumbled into the bar, we were wooo ahhhh by the decor already.

Creative decor

Beautiful bar(tender)
There were rabbits everywhere and very cool wall paint inside. The patio is a must if you can find chairs. The bar specialty was paloma and margarita. We were recommended by our lovely bartender Nikki (who happened to be GM also) to order Spiced Daisey and Jarritos Paloma. We also got Smokey Margarita on top of the two. Oh man, that Spiced Daisey was no joke and tasted refreshing with a nice kick. It's a must try when you go there. They also have happy hour from 5-8 and we were lucky to made in by 8. Yay!!

Menu front

Menu inside

Three amigos, my drink was the shaft in the middle, clearly.

It's hard to see the painting, but when you see it...
After chatting a bit, we were finally on the way over to Perch.

To the 15th! Screw you stairs, we are fat!!

Amazing bar

Drink menu

Fire to keep you warm around the chair

On a Tuesday night, there was no line and we were able to take the elevator straight to the rooftop. The view was amazing as always and drinks were made strong thanks to our excellent bartender Jordan.

So nice and relaxing

That view... never gets old

Drinks with city lights
There were plenty of empty seats and perfect time to catch up with life. Even though they have heaters around the chairs, jackets are highly suggested as it could get windy up there.

Order counter

Wall art
After Perch, we were hungry again and the kitchen downstairs was closed. We thought about checking out the ramen place around the corner but that was also closed. Why are restaurants close at 11 pm!!? Going home and have a life in L.A. is prohibited!! With little choices we had, we ended up our night at Guisados. Since they were about to close too, we made our order super fast.

Can't recall at all...

Tinda de Pollo

Samplers for slave girl, 3 tacos of Mole Poblano, Chicharron and Chorizo for me, 2 tacos of Tinda De Pollo and something (sorry I was buzzed!) for Jen. It was tasty and very enjoyable. Guisados never fails when it comes to their creative flavors. Too bad Uli was closed or I would have gotten some gelato too.


Mole Poblano

Hopefully the next time we do this again, you would be joining us.


  1. "Hopefully the next time we do this again, you would be joining us."

    is that my invitation? =D

    1. Oh yes please, if you ever come out! I have invited you at least 3 times and nada!!

    2. Oh yes please, if you ever come out! I have invited you at least 3 times and nada!!