Thursday, April 21, 2016


Restaurant front

Slave girl and good friend, her sister and soon to be 3 year-old chick magnet ventured to New Port Seafood in Beverly Hills on a weekend night.

Say hello to my little friend!

The parking was totally bs since it was either valet or charged with Beverly Hills rate. After circled around, we found free curb parking on Wilshire and the walk to the restaurant was within 5 min. Score!

Bar area

Table setting

Now, this New Port, unlike its sister location in San Gabriel, was beautiful, clean, friendly with NO wait. They take reservations and they have a full bar serving all kind of drinks. The dress code was not restricted and the food tasted just like the sister location, which was great. The price of the food was a little higher compared to other locations (by like 2-4 bucks) but the benefits of going to this location was so worth it I don't really care. Put this way, when I asked for a white pepper shaker, the shaker was not sticky and it had a clean smooth finishing feel on the outside. Ah, heaven.

Hot and sour soup

French styled beef cubes. Medium rare, so tender so tasty.

As I have mentioned before, the food was tasty and consistent like all their flagship restaurant, especially the lobster. I have been to all 3 New Port now and all the lobsters I got have lobster roes in the dish. Sautéed to perfection with bold seasoning, it is their signature dish for a reason.

Come to papa

The service here was also hands down awesome. My water was never empty and throughout the meal we have been checked on often. At one point our chick magnet tossed his water cup...Oh sorry, I meant, accidentally let it go on the floor, with no dirty look or anything alike, they cleaned the floor while flirting with our chick magnet, what a stud.

Bok choy with lots of diced ginger and garlic

Salt and pepper shrimp

House special rice

New Port Seafood Beverly Hills, you have showed me there are still hopes in the service department within the Chinese restaurants. I will never go to any other locations now.

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