Thursday, April 14, 2016

STEER N ALE - Pasadena, CA

I purchased a Groupon deal for this place and I was told by my friends who will only come to this restaurant when they have the crave for a chunk of meat; however, don't expect the quality to be outstanding. Well, I was craving for meat and Steer 'n Ale was where I dragged slave girl with me.

Front door

When I first walked in, it felt like a Jersey diner which wasn't a bad thing since I haven't been to Jersey for ages. I ordered super stockyard which was a one pound steak and slave girl got fried chicken dinner.

Dining seating

Steak menu

Our meal also came with soup or salad. We had a choice of tortilla chicken soup or chili. She got the chicken tortilla soup and I got the chili. Both were average tasting and could use a little bit more seasoning. 

Chicken tortilla soup
 Chili before
Chili after

For our meal, I ordered medium rare for my steak but unfortunately it was unevenly pan fried. I had one end well done and the thick center was still blue. It was hard to cut through with the knife that was provided especially with the uncooked tendon.

According to slave girl, her chicken was too salty for the dark meat. However, the chicken breast was dry and bland. I tasted it and I agreed. 

All and all, the price matches the meal and my expectation was not super high. While it was still better than Denny's and CoCo's, I probably won't be going back anytime soon. 

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