Friday, April 22, 2016

CHINA TASTY - Alhambra, CA

Menu front

Originally, slave girl and I were going to go to the ramen place across the street, but since we failed and turned into the wrong plaza, we decided to give china tasty a try.

Menu back

Located at the corner of the plaza, easy access with one entrance from the bowling alley and one from the parking lot. Outdoor seating is also available for a nice day out dining.

Table full of food!

We ordered number 2, clear broth beef and tendon noodle soup and number 3, braised beef noodle soup. Our waitress found out it was our first time visit and made some recommendations of their hand made noodles. There are 5 different kinds of noodles to pick from and all the noodles here are made as you order and hand crafted inside a glass room for you to see. We also ordered spicy beef slice and green onion pancake.

Beef slice

Green onion pancake

Green onion pancake was crispy and thin. It was very delicious especially when we started wrapping the spicy beef slice with it. Yum DIY beef roll?



The noodle bowls were huge and when I asked for preserved veggies for the beef noodle soup, unlike most Asian place that would just tell us no, the waitress spent sometime to explain the style of their noodles and shouldn't need to add anything else. That's very nice of her.  The noodles were chewy and the taste is very different from the normal factory-made noodles. The broth was on the lighter side regardless if it's clear or braised soup base. Beef with number 1 and 2 were sliced, but the beef in number 3 were in chunks but still very soft and tender. I guess I just like the texture of chewy noodles and soft beef together in my mouth. So good.

Discount wheel

Punch card for discount wheel

Lastly, cash only and they have frequent card program as well. After the 6th visit, you have a chance to spin the wheel for discounted meal. I was impressed with both the food and service and very glad to find this little place.

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