Friday, April 15, 2016

MO-MO-PARADISE - Rowland Heights, CA

This is until after I visited the restaurant, then I realized I have never visited a restaurant on the grand opening day. How exciting!? Good thing slave girl was in the area so she went there to make a reservation for a later time since all the seats were full when they opened for dinner at 5.

Upon returning to our reservation time at 8:30, we noticed a bunch of people waiting and some got turned away because of the full reservations. So, moral of the review, make a reservation. 

Ponzu and sesame sauce

We got 2 soup base with shabu shabu and tonkatsu. That bumped our bill for $2 more per person. After cooking the meat with the broth, we really couldn't taste the difference of the broth, especially after dipping the meat into the ponzu or sesame sauce. In my opinion, just stick with one broth and save the $2.

Sauces and salad bar

The meat quality was decent but not amazing. Also for some reason, our first order of beef was way better compared to the beef we got throughout the night after. The beef and pork were both on the fatty side but still delicious. The veggies were pretty fresh and I like the fact I could use the curry from the veggie bar to flavor my meat other than pouring over rice. The drink station was also awesome, they were sweet but not overly sweet. 

Beef tray

Pork tray

Self serve veggie bar

Service was overall good but at the start of our night, the service was a little spotty. For example, after we were seated, no one came to our table for some minutes. As I gave up waiting and decided to get up to get a drink myself, this girl that had been in our area but never came to our table stopped me and asked if she could help me. It turned out she was our server for the night but that weird vibe was already there. Then there was another girl handling our area too but I wasn't sure if we were allowed to order from her and she was not very engaging. So we waited longer until "our server" came back to order more meat. Close to the end of our night, our server disappeared but this other server, Ryu, walked by our table. Well buddy, there was no one around so you were it. This guy actually saved their service part for the night. He tried his hardest to get everything we were looking for and checked on us here and there while the first girl had completely vanished at this point. Put this way, we had to wave the girl every time we want something; but with the guy, he just came to check on us without saying. I guess it's hit or miss?

Yummy tea

Organic soda

Warm boba for your drink

Based on the price range, most likely I wouldn't come for lunch. For the dinner service, if I have to make a reservation every time, I probably won't come back anytime soon either. Overall experience was nice and I would still recommend to try at least once here.

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