Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Restaurant front

Slave girl already ate prior to my arrival to her house. Well I was hungry so I picked Man Chan because they open late (1am) and I didn't have to rush it.

Free soup

Man Chan was once open in Rowland Heights and now in San Gabriel. I was told the Rowland Heights location was sold but the new owner insisted to keep the name (smart move), and that's why you see two of them on yelp but this place is the legit one.

#3, house chicken with red scallion in wood pot

We ordered dry beef chow fun and house chicken with red scallion in wood pot (#3). The chicken we ordered was one of their signature dish and I have to agree it really was one of the best chicken I have ever tasted. It's supposed to be in a wood pot, but they were placed inside a steel container to keep the dish warm. The broth was oily but flavorful. The chicken was tender and well marinated. They gave us a bowl of rice without us asking and it was the best thing ever when you pour the broth over the rice.

Dry beef chow fun

The beef chow fun was also excellent. It's the most common dish to make but the hardest to make it good. This place made it not just good, but great. The free soup we got was also tasty and not your typical whatever daily soup. It had pieces of chicken and lotus root in it.

Eel garlic rice

Hanian chicken

During different trip, we have also tried their eel garlic rice and Hanian chicken. Eel garlic rice was very garlicky and tasty even though it was also oily. It was one of the must try for sure. Hanian chicken was approved by slave girl and she said she would go back for more. That was definitely not something you hear every day when it comes to Hanian chicken.

Coconut chicken soup

Fried rice

Some other dishes they have included whole chicken Hanian style, fried rice and coconut chicken soup. The coconut chicken soup is very different from your everyday Chinese soup you order from. It is sweet and it has real coconut meat in it. Not for everyone but worth a try at least once. Whole chicken is the same chicken they use for the rice dish, but, they actually plate the chicken like, well, a chicken. Check it out if you are hungry.

Whole chicken Hanian style

Plated like a chicken!

Overall experience was pleasing, especially during the late hours. Friendly service, decent price, and fantastic food. I would come back for sure.

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