Wednesday, April 13, 2016

BARBRIX - Los Angeles, CA

A friend of ours wanted to do brunch. By knowing me, you would know me getting up in the morning is like getting a cat to swim. Then friend mentioned there was bottomless mimosa, well heck, that should be the first thing to mention!

By the time we got there, I was glad we had made a reservation because there were many people waiting outside. What I like the best was they were willing to feed us mimosa even when we were just waiting for our seats to get ready. So make sure you ask for it. They also have on site valet parking for $6, but street parking wasn't too bad.

Slave girl ordered morning after rice bowl and I got the Barbrix burger with grilled onion, cheese and a fried egg. Hmmm, the rice bowl was not really in a bowl but the flavor was so good. The running yolk dripping over rice with diced pork belly... I almost wanted to steal her dish. My burger was also good except the egg. Don't get me wrong, it was cooked perfectly, but it slided around so it fell out of the burger in the middle of chewing. The burger patty was seasoned and just for that, they already got a plus on burger 101. (do you know how many "real" burger joints don't season their patty? Sigh) It was delicious and I was glad I got the burger... Even though I still wanted her rice dish more.

Our server was fantastic. Christina was attentive and friendly. We made some small talks and our drink was never empty. Matter of fact, a refill of our mimosa was at the table even before the glass was empty.

Excellent brunch choice, now they just need to come to my hood.

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