Monday, April 25, 2016

LA VILLA DE SINALOA - City of Industry, CA

Menu front

My homies were visiting from out of town and since I don't think they have authentic Mexican food out there, any Mexican restaurants in my area should do. After some thoroughly research on yelp, I decided to take them to this place.

Menu back

Located in the same parking lot as spearmint rhino, the parking was not sticky at all. We let the owner knew it was our first time and he was able to give us bunch of recommendations. He was so friendly and welcoming it's unbelievable. During the entire meal, I felt like I was just invited to his place for dinner and ended up giving him some money to help covering the cost. I've also noticed when other customers came in, everyone greeted him like old friends. The experience was just fantastic and I am sure other customers felt the same.

Chips n salsa

Shrimp cocktail

The food was very delicious as well. The salsa for the chips had a good kick but not overly spicy. Slave girl and I got menudo, shrimp cocktail, fish tacos and fish ceviche.

Huge burrito!


Friends got steak burrito and nacho fries. I didn't get to try the burrito but I tried the green sauce on his plate. It was even better than the salsa and not very spicy at all. I thought they don't use msg in Mexican food!! Kidding. The only disappointment was the fish taco and fish ceviche. Fish was burnt a little on the outside or it would have been good. The ceviche needed a tad more acidic. If those two things could be fixed, it would be the best meal at the most affordable price ever.

Fish ceviche

Fish tacos

You bet I would go back to get my own burrito again. What a great find.

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