Monday, November 21, 2016

Orleans & York Deli - Los Angeles, CA

Lunch date with slave girl! Gotta have that southern goodness and this dtla joint was perfect for a first timer like me.

When we got there around 11:45am, I was so glad to beat the lunch rush because they had a pretty big menu and it took me some time to look through everything. It was actually really hard to make a decision on what to get since everything looked so freaking good and I wanted to try everything.

Well, I guess I couldn't be too greedy with life so I will just have to plan a return trip and going through the menu from the top.

Slave girl got a surf and turf bowl, and I got oyster po boy. They also had a lot of unique sodas and chips that was not available in your normal supermarket, but we were in the mood for fries so we went with that. The fries had Cajun spice but not overpowering so it was perfect as a side dish.

When we got the surf and turf bowl, I had doubts in my mind because everything in the bowl were orange and it looked like a hot mess. But my mind changed after a bite into the shrimp, salmon, and hot links. It was savory and greasy, but good kind of greasy. The bowl looked small but was actually fulfilling and enjoyable.

My oyster po boy was awesome. It came in as the size of my forearm, packed with at least 6 oysters. The oysters were meaty and well fried. I drizzled the hot sauce that came with the sandwich on top of the oysters. One bite and I was in food heaven instantly.

I must say I was not disappointed. The food was tasty and decently priced for downtown LA. I saw someone else ordered the gumbo with rice and holly smoke I have to get that on my next visit. Definitely check it out for a taste of New Orleans.

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