Monday, November 14, 2016

Corner Beef Noodle House - El Monte, CA

I have been following corner beef noodle house's Facebook page for a long time. After my vacation trip, I really wanted to have some beef noodle soup and remembered corner beef noodle house was by slave girl's hood, so why not check out the place finally.

Beef and tendon noodle soup when it came to the table

The service was fast and friendly, we were greeted right away and ordered our food as soon we finished reading the menu. The menu had small selections compared to other Taiwanese places and I kind of like it that way because it's always a bad idea to have too many whatever dishes instead of specialty dishes.

Beef and tendon noodle soup after mixed in with pickled veggie

Slave girl got beef noodle soup and I got beef and tendon noodle soup. The bowls were big and filled with noodles and meat, very generous portion. We liked the taste of the broth and pickled veggie enhanced the dish drastically. The only unsatisfying thing was the beef lacking on flavors. The texture was excellent but the beef was not braised long enough with the broth. If you bite open the beef, you will see the color inside is very different from outside.

Decent price for the portion

If I ever crave for beef noodle soup and happen to be in the area, this would be my number 1 spot. I also noticed they sell authentic frozen Taiwanese dishes that was off the menu. It was just too bad i don't cook much anymore or I would definitely brought some home.

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