Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hayat’s Kitchen - North Hollywood, CA

I was in the area for work and slave girl suggested this place for lunch. I was like, girl, last time you went there was years ago, you sure about that? She be like, trust issue? OK ok, let's check it out.

The restaurant was hiding all the way in the corner of a shopping center. I had a hard time spotting it because their sign was tugged in and the banner had small font. However, if you see fatburger in the parking lot, you are at the right place.

The service was super good and they gave me this family vibe I truly enjoyed. I asked our waitress for recommendations since I didn't know jack about Lebanese food, she actually put some thoughts into it then suggested "Feast for 2" for the 3 of us. We questioned about the size and she ensured us the dish would be enough for 3 and we got a chance to try all different kind of food they offer. She was right!

Feast for 2 at $39.95 came with hummus, baba ghanough, tabouli, grape leaves, falafel, tawook, kafta, and lahm mashwi. Since I don't really know what I just typed, let me explain the dishes in my term.

To start our meal, we got some pickled goods like cucumber, olives and radish. Then we got a basket of pita bread,  but it was inside a commercial package. I asked about it and found out they don't make pita bread in house.

Our first shared plate was all vegetarian. Two kind of hummus, one was more smoky than the other. There was green salad in the middle of the tray, it was refreshing with a mild citric taste. There were 3 meatball looking balls that was made with the same bean as hummus, they were super delicious especially dipping it in the creamy garlicky sauce that came with it. There were also 3 grape leaves with seasoned rice wrapped inside, the grape leaves had no taste but the rice was tasty.

Our second shared plate was all about meat. It came with chicken, fillet mignon, and ground beef as a shape of poop, I meant, stick. We had a choice of rice, regular fries, or garlic fries on the side. We picked garlic fries and it had minced garlic and pepper all over the fries. All the meat was seasoned perfectly and the fries was excellent.

After the meal we got free dessert too and it was flaky and tasty.

They also gave us garlic spread and it was to die for. Great hospitality with great food, definitely a place for repeat visits.

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