Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tierra Mia Coffee - Huntington Park, CA

I was in the area for work and passed Tierra Mia. Co-worker with me told me he heard the horchata frappe is good.


Did I hear horchata frappe?! Gtfo. I usually don't consume sweet stuff but this I must try. We made a quick u turn and were on our way inside.

The place was very spacious and staff were friendly. Our orders were simple, horchata frappe. We also have the choice of adding cinnamon powder and whipped cream in to our drinks.

I added cinnamon powder to mine and man, it was so good, but yet, so sweet (maybe a little too sweet for me). Even though I wouldn't drink this on a daily basis, I would still recommend you to try.

They also sell pastries and again, horchata latte cupcake!? Return trip is required.

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