Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Restaurant Komasa - Los Angeles, CA

It's slave girl's birthday and we didn't want anything too heavy, so we decided to have sushi. After we parked in little Tokyo and walked around, I remember komasa being bookmarked and decided to finally try it out.

One man show. Pretty sure he's the owner too. Sadly he has no time to talk to you.

Since we were one of the early crowd, we got to pick where we wanted to sit and we picked the bar so we could see all the actions. I was a little shocked to hear they don't do omakase (my favorite word according to slave girl), but after I saw the menu I understood. The most expensive sushi combo was at $17 and it already covered over 80% of the seafood in the fridge. There was really no reason to ask for omakase if you just get sushi combo c and order like 4 more things then you get everything they offer.

That was exactly what I did, and slave girl got a bento special that has potato salad, sushi, sashimi, teriyaki chicken, and mixed tempura. The bento was a good value if you don't know what you want, but the sashimi selection was a little boring. I wasn't in the mood for cooked food so I couldn't report how they tasted, so sorry.

Bento tereyaki

Bento sushi

Bento mixed tempura

Bento sashimi

The sushi combo was really good and fresh. There was no tendons in the fish and most of the pieces were fatty and delicious. The only one thing was the salmon roe, it was very light to a point I wasn't sure if it was marinated at all, but that might just be their style.

Sushi combo C

Miso soup

In addition, I also ordered spicy tuna handroll, fatty tuna and sea urchin sushi. The fatty tuna was awesome because it was a huge piece (bigger than most human tongue) with very little rice. Mine was great and fine, but slave girl's piece had one string of tendon in it. Sea urchin was sweet and creamy. I got to say, I favor the US sea urchin way more than the Japanese breed, and it's not because of my love for M'urica! The Japanese breed usually have a trace of bitterness and I just couldn't get over that taste. We liked the uni so much we ordered a second set.

Fatty tuna sushi

First set of uni

Second set of uni

Sadly, spicy tuna made me cry. I guess when it comes to handrolls or cut rolls, they use the reject fish meat from their sushi and sashimi. The fish mixture was a tendon mess and meant to be swallow down without chewing. Any attempted chewing would result a handroll chaos. I wasn't too big on the flavor either. Please do NOT order those things, I beg you.

Just by color you already know it's going to taste bad. sorry.

Damage for two

At the time we were there, I only saw one chef making sushi which explains the wait. Apparently, it didn't matter if we sat at the bar or at the table, all orders were first in first out. On top of that, all orders were taken by the staff, not the chef. The chef was so busy he had no time to acknowledge the person in front of him. I was OK with that since my sushi was fresh and tummy was happy. Go there early because by the time we were done, the line outside was stupid long.

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