Friday, November 25, 2016

Pistachio Kitchen - Monterey Park, CA

Slave girl and I did a quick drop by during dinner time. It was definitely interesting since we didn't know what to expect.

After we opened the menu, I was more than confused. It had Vietnamese dishes, Hong Kong dishes, and Thai dishes. I think I saw more Vietnamese dishes but still there was no way for me to tell what kind of food they were trying to focus on. After some long struggle, I got shaking beef with red rice, slave girl got Hainan chicken with chicken oil rice. We also got grilled chicken spring roll for starter.

The Hainan chicken was OK. It was half chicken and nothing too exciting on the meat. The sauce tasted good but it didn't stand out like some other Hainan chicken place in the area.

The shaking beef though, it was very flavorful and tender. It was a total shock to me how good it was especially after tasting the Hainan chicken. I would highly recommend this dish if you ever come in. The red rice was OK, I like the chicken oil rice better.

The grilled chicken spring roll actually came out last, I guess we could have that for dessert. The chicken was warm and tasted on the sweeter side. It didn't have a lot of rice noodles in the roll, and their basil must be super breed because that was the only flavor I picked up from that dish.

Overall experience wasn't bad. The service was awkward from time to time. For example, the lady was friendly but unable to suggest dishes for us. When I got the soy sauce from another table myself (she was too busy chatting with a co-worker), she came over while slave girl was putting the soy sauce on her rice and said to us, "that was soy sauce." then stared at us for a moment. Errr, ok captain obvious. With the service aside, I would still suggest this place because it didn't leave my mouth dry after meal due to msg usage.

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