Sunday, November 6, 2016

Saigon Flavor - San Gabriel, CA

It was date night for slave girl and I and I really wanted Vietnamese food. After looking around I realized we haven't tried Saigon Flavor yet so we decided to check it out.

We parked on the street since I didn't see any parking lot by the restaurant. Street parking was still kind of packed around 8pm on a week night, I couldn't imagine what weekend would look like.

I was suggested by the owner-looking lady to order 44b, shrimp paste, grilled beef and egg roll with rice vermicelli. Slave girl went for the grilled pork and egg roll with rice vermicelli. My 44b smelled so good when it arrived the table, mostly was from the shrimp paste. The egg roll was also tasty and smelled delicious. Great suggestions I must say.

Slave girl's dish was good but I think it would be better with shrimp paste. Well really, I think everything would go well with shrimp paste at that place.

In addition I also got beef ball soup. Slave girl wasn't a fan due to excessive amount of scallions and parsley, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. There were 10 beef balls in the soup with pho soup base, it reminded me of the pork ball soup I had in Taiwan except tastier. I was happy with the soup after 44b, gotta have some warm broth you know?!

Overall I like the food we got and the service was decent. We even had someone filling up our water without asking. The only issue I had was the amount of msg used. Mouth was so dry... so dry... but so tasty...

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