Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Matcha Love - Costa Mesa, CA

Slave girl and I have been to the food court many times and never stopped by to get the ice cream due to the long line. On this day, before 5pm on a Friday, we rolled in with no lines and plenty of seats, definitely the time to try it out.

Punch card!!

We ordered triple ice which was 3 different kinds of soft serve ice cream on a waffle bowl. We picked matcha, roasted green tea, and black sesame. They also had red bean as their new special flavor. My favorite was the roasted green tea, the flavor was unique with a tea tasting kick. An absolute must try.

We also got a small matcha latte because we wanted to pay with credit card ($8 minimum). There were 4 kinds of milk to pick from and the matcha flavor was strong.

Service was fast and friendly. I can understand the line now and definitely go back on a hotter day.

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