Monday, January 9, 2017

LA Kembo Food Truck - Monterey Park, CA

Slave girl and I were at the Ralph's running errands, when we came out we saw 2-3 food trucks hanging out in the front and I was like, let's check them out. That was when I found Kembo.

Kembo offers Taiwanese street foods. I actually wanted to try everything but we were going to dinner so slave girl held me back and put me on limited orders. We got tater tots, popcorn chicken, and beef skewer. I also noticed bunch items were crossed out and I wonder why...

Beef skewer was super delicious with just the right seasoning. I wish they still carry lamb because I am a big lamb lover (lol, slave girl the sheep).

With popcorn chicken, we didn't know how spicy medium was, so we were suggested to order it mild and if we wanted it more spicy, we could just give it back for more chili powder. That was what we did and it was good.

Tater tots... I don't know. Felt a little bland and probably wouldn't suggest  to order. I meant, it wasn't bad, but nothing to say about it either.

Overall we like what we had. I actually have been following them on Facebook and really glad to see them recovered from the accident and tried their food at last. I will need to go back to try their teppenyaki meal and bento box.

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