Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Boos Philly - Los Angeles, CA

My co-worker told me about boos and I was thinking about using my Ubereats code to have it delivered to me. But he demanded I should eat there when it's freshly made. I kind of agree when it comes to cheesesteak so I made slave girl drove us there during lunch break.

The parking was easy since we parked at the structure in the back. It was a surprise for us not getting charged at all after boos' validation because I thought they would charge us a small fee. Score!

We ordered mushroom cheesesteak with wiz, cheesesteak hoagie, and pizza fries. Cheesesteak was super good; greasy, flavorful and totally reminded me of Philly. Co-worker was right about eating it hot, I couldn't see it being enjoyable cold. The only thing I didn't understand was the bread. It kept breaking apart at the bottom and I thought it was due to the grease, but slave girl's hoagie broke off too with lettuces on the bottom. Maybe it's boos' signature?

Pizza fries sucked because it was cold when we got it. There were a lot of people during lunch time and they were super swamped. I think they had the fries made too fast and got cold while waiting for the cheesesteak to be made. The cheese on the fries was rubbery and just a total fail.

Overall I am glad I tried boos because it's hard to find a good cheesesteak shop out in LA. I would assume the pizza fries would taste better if we were there during non peak hours. I would go back again for sure.

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