Tuesday, January 10, 2017

464 - Los Angeles, CA

Slave girl and I have been to an event at 464 to try the Vietnamese, the American, and the Mexican burgers. I was impressed on how they make the burger tasty and still keep the essence of the country. It's a no brainier for me to go back and taste the rest of the menu.

When I went back with a co-worker for lunch, we ordered the Danish and the Japanese. They also had decent beer selections and you can't go wrong with pairing burger and beer.

The Japanese had pork belly patty, spread with garlic aioli, topped with green onion, mixed mushrooms, lotus root and miso sesame sauce. Patty was well cooked with a lot of Asian toppings to make this burger unique, especially with the lotus root. Chef Diego's wife is Japanese so I am assuming she had some influence on the creating. It's all around good burger and I enjoyed it.

The Danish had Angus beef patty, spread with garlic aioli, topped with havarti onion remoulade pickled red cabbage, and mulberry molasses. It was a bite of savory with some sweetness balancing the flavor. Patty was cooked to medium and very tasty. It is so far my favorite burger on the menu.

The regular fries can be substituted with parmesan truffle fries. It was very addicting and a must try. Chef Diego also makes his own ketchup. Overall a great place filled with good vibe. The only crappy part was the parking, but there was nothing much can be done. If you haven't tried this place, make an effort.

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