Monday, January 23, 2017

Seven Grand - Los Angeles, CA

Bunch drunks at work looking for good times after clocking out, Seven Grand came to mind. I have never even heard of Seven Grand so definitely adventure time for me.

Seven Grand is located on the second floor of Mas Malo. It was confusing for first timer like me because they shared the same entrance. There was no food serving at Seven Grand, just straight drinking and social. I talked to the bartender a bit and he said they allow outside food and it's encouraged; however when I brought food back from whole food later on, the bouncer told me no food allowed upstairs. After some bitching and reasoning, I was let in with my food but people really should get their things together.

Happy hour menu offered some great drinks. Smoking area is nice even for non-smokers. Not to mention the hidden whiskey bar in the back. It was truly a pleasant experience. They also have live music playing into the night. Seven Grand, I am a fan.

Speaking of hidden whiskey bar, Bar Jackalope was also an experience if you get to go in. The seating was super limited but no one could resist slave girl's charm. The inside interior was gorgeous and the staff was friendly and professional.

Since it was part of my birthday celebration, slave girl and I went baller status and ordered Suntory Hibiki 21 and award winning Ka Va Lan Vinho. The staff spent good amount of time with us explaining the history of the whiskey and showed us how to taste the rare whiskey properly. Hibiki 21 was so rear we could only get them as flight.

I would highly recommend this whiskey bar if you are a whiskey fan.

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