Thursday, November 2, 2017

Neptunes Raw Oysters & Seafood Bar - Artesia, CA

Slave girl's other lover wanted to hang out after work. She suggested Neptunes and since I have seen all the noodle pictures on social media, I was interested to check it out.

When we walked in, we were asked if we wanted to sit on the high chair or low chair. I didn't know the difference so we were seated at the high chair. DO NOT SIT AT THE HIGH CHAIR BY THE WALL EVER IN THIS RESTAURANT. There was no feet support so your legs would be constantly hanging in the air. After about half hour, you would start to wonder why you are being tortured while you giving them your hard earned money.

After browsing the menu no one was really interested in getting the famous social media garlic noodles so I was a little sad. We ended up getting uni pasta, garlic truffle fries, and clams and mussels. Side note: happy hour ends at 6:30 pm.

Uni pasta used uni cream, masago, chili flakes, and kizami. As my personal experience goes, cooked uni usually doesn't have a lot of flavors and needs some seasoning to make the dish more exciting. Alot of the uni pasta I've tasted just use uni and cream to create the sauce, and they are usually boring and borderline bland. Over here, it gave an extra kick in the pasta with the chili flakes but yet at the same time not overpowering the uni flavor. Masago also brought out the texture difference. Good job chef.

Garlic truffle fries was a huge disappointment for me. The fries was cooked right but through out the entire plate, we didn't taste or even smell truffle at all. It was garlicky and that was about it.

Clams and mussels were supposed to come with kimchi puree, parsley, and herb toasted crostini. When we received the dish, we saw some kimchi pieces and very watery broth underneath the shellfish. I hope they don't call that puree. There was no crostini until our dish was almost done, and no sign of herbs were used on the crostinis. I supposed it was toasted at least. When I asked for more crostinis, I found out they would cost us $2. For 5 pieces mediocre toasted bread? No thanks.

Last thing, if your beer is over 9% alcohol content, your glass would be smaller, but they don't tell you that. Truly, the price point was way high and the food was whatever based on what we received. The service was not rude but definitely not amazing. Not impressed and wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.



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