Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sushiholics - West Covina, CA

Slave girl and I were in West Covina and I was craving for AYCE sushi. I know, it doesn't happen often but it does happen. After some random searching, we decided to give Sushiholics a try.

The restaurant was pretty huge and seats were comfortably spaced. The lunch menu wasn't too much of discount from dinner menu but since dinner didn't have any perks, it was still better to have $4 off during lunch time.

The cooked food here was meh. Miso soup actually had a weird bleach taste to it. The fried items had way too much coating and our calamari just slipped out of the coating with one bite. In my opinion, the only edible item was the green mussel.

Worst miso soup ever tasted in life

Popcorn shrimp

Fried calamari

Green mussel

The sushi wasn't bad but wasn't great either. Most of the fish came to the table dry and chewy. Personally speaking, the oyster was way huge for shooters but pretty fresh. Eel was my favorite while everything else was kind of whatever. It did its job though and my craving was answered.

Slave girl ordered this, no idea what it was...


VIP tuna


Freshwater eel





Cherry blossom

Sashimi nachos, gross

Spicy tuna hand roll

Salmon roe

Uni, watery...


Surf clam


Overall experience was decent. The service was OK but the food took awhile to come out. I like the AYCE concept for sushi once in awhile and glad my craving was answered; however, I wouldn't drive all the way to West Covina just for it.

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